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God is writing His story across Europe to include people from all over the world. Find out how the Serenissima Ministry Group has a special part in that story.

SMG is a church planting and resourcing network currently in 5 European countries

Direct Ministry Support

SMG works to come alongside our partnering ministries to profile and provide for ministry projects and costs. Learn more.

In Context Consultation

SMG seeks to understand the surrounding cultures where ministers are working to share resources & develop plans which are strategically useful & nuanced to their settings through experience already gained by others. Learn more.

Training & Development

SMG helps our ministers & church planters where they are, at the level where they are ministering, at a pace they can sustain, and to a multiplicity of cultures which live all around them. Learn more.


SMG Church Plants

We currently support 6 ministries across the north of Italy. You can learn more about them by clicking the link below:

  • Serenissima Ministries is located near Aviano & pastored by Robert Krause.
  • TRE Trieste is located in the northeast corner of Italy in the state capitol of Trieste & pastored by Elio Vannelli.
  • La Quercia (The Oak Evangelical Church) is located in Azzano Decimo near Pordenone & is pastored by Franco Tartari
  • La Vite (The Vine Bible Church) is located in Conegliano & pastored by Daniel Taut
  • Speranza in Cristo (Hope in Christ Church) is located in Bergamo (pictured here) & pastored by Samuel Annobil
  • Forte Rocca (Strong Rock Church) is located in Udine & pastored by Matt Schvaneveldt

In Spain, we currently support 3 ministries; tow are in the city of Seville and 1 new ministry is in the area of Barcelona.

  • Iglesia Bautista Fe is pastored by 2 brothers, Francisco and Alberto Puente
  • Iglesia Torre Blanca
  • Iglesia Bíblica Evangélica in the suburb city of Barcelona named Sabadell is pastored by Javier Pérez.

In Germany, we currently support 1 ministry in the northern city of Paderborn.

  • Paderkirche is led by Jurgen Schulz who is a native of Paderborn. Their city center is pictured here.

SMG is currently represented in France through 1 ministry in downtown Paris.

  • Église Connexion (Connection Church) is located in Paris & is pastored by Jason Procopio.

In the nation of Albania, SMG has actively partnered with 1 ministry in Tirana.

  • IGNIS Ministries is led by pastor Andi Dina and is based in Tirana, the capitol of the country.

The Serenissima Story


A Welcome From The President of SMGI

“By grace, I've been following Jesus since 1976 and have worked with scores of people and ministries over the years. Serenissima outpaces all of them when it comes to Gospel impact, integrity, and stewardship of resources.”

"I've known Pastor Rob & Sandy Krause since 2000 and have highly valued our friendship and ministry partnership. The heart of SMG is deeply committed relationships."

“SMG is what I would call a high-yield, spiritual investment. It requires willing servants, resources, and strategy in line with the Gospel and guided by the Holy Spirit. We’ve got that in SMG.”

Our USA Board

Serenissima Ministry Group International

SMGI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association, registered in the state of Arizona, USA. SMGI was founded in 2007 to fulfill a call God placed upon members of the board to plant, support, and sustain Gospel ministries currently working in Europe.

SMGI is the sister, USA association to the Serenissima Ministry Group in Europe (SMG) and exists to strategically support & strengthen the various ministries and projects of the pastors and planters in their fields.


Get to know our board here at Serenissima

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