Giving & Donations

An overview of various projects and ministry needs of the SMG in which you can invest to further the growth of the Lord's work in Europe & beyond.

DONATions overview

General Ministry Assistance

This is our main fund. All of the offerings given to Serenissima Ministries in Italy go through this fund unless specifically designated toward another fund. Give to this fund if you would simply like to say, "Apply this money where you guys feel you need it the most."

  • Monies from this fund are used to cover accounting and administrative costs so our church planters don't have to.
  • Association fees and operational expenses are covered through this fund
  • SMG donates resources to different church plants each month through this fund.
  • SMG has 2 accounting firms which help our administrators follow this fund
  • 💙💛 Please use this button to donate also to the Ukrainian Relief Fund and help us provide relief for the refugees! Thank you
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Church Plants
Care & training

Every growing ministry has a need for resources and tools as their operational expenses grow alongside of their churches. Money donated to this project will support a wide-range of church planting activities which include the discipleship of leaders to plant churches, the establishment of Gospel communities in unreached areas, and ministry expenses associated with new church plants (facilities, materials, computers, outreach, mercies, and more).

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Life-skill laboratories for refugees & the unemployed

Over the last 4 years, SMG has developed out a successful Life laboratory project consisting of a custom-made mobile classroom to train and certify up to 4 people at a time in MIG and TIG welding & soldering. A number of the men who have been certified now have contracted employment. This first LifeLab was a successful test and now we are preparing another LifeLab of a full-grade, industrial kitchen for culinary certification. Each lab costs around €25k to produce.

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Ministry Startup Fund

Beginning in 2021, SMG established a fund to enable smaller or newer church plants to be able to borrow needed liquidity for the purpose of the acquisition or renovation of ministry centers for greater growth capacity. Most new ministries are unable to seek a loan or mortgage from a bank. With this fund, SMG is able to fill that gap, enable ministries to advance in their work, and do it all at an interest-free, Kingdom rate. The fund began with 60k euros and we hope to raise up to 500k to simultaneously assist multiple smaller but high-quality ministries.

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cooking and chef training course
other new & great projects

Serenissima Ministries is opening a new LifeLab

In Autumn of 2020, Serenissima Ministries as part of its renovation project began construction on an industrial-grade kitchen to open another LifeLab for the culinary sector. The cost of this LifeLab is around 25k euros. Together with the professional chefs in the ministry, our desire is to create a certified course in food safety & preparation involving other local restaurants to equip locals & refugees who enjoy cooking and would like to enter this sector for work.

Invest in the Kitchen LifeLab

Paderkirche is renovating for greater capacity

Paderkirche in Paderborn, Germany is expanding their auditorium to accommodate their growing ministry. The current project needs around €15k euros to help them build new walls and enlarge their meeting space.

Invest in the Paderkirche Expansion

Ignis Ministries is producing The Second Birth in Albanian

Pastor Andi Dina in Tirana has shared with us that they really need simple, accessible resources to explain Gospel truth to the Albanian people. As of January 2021, our book on conversations about true faith called The Second Birth is getting ready to be typeset and published in Albanian. Our first printing will run around €1000 and give Albanian churches a new resource to share the Gospel. Please consider helping us to print this resource.

Invest in The Second Birth in Albanian
Charitable Contributions Disclaimer: Please note that if you are a donor from the USA, your donations are received and processed through the Serenissima Ministry Group International association which is incorporated in the state of Arizona and is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation permitting charitable tax contribution deductions to the fullest extent of the law. We seek to honor our donor's preferences, but all funds are under the direction and discretion of the SMGI board of directors as required by law to be a tax-deductible corporation.