In the nation of Italy, SMG has the privilege to serve and support the following ministries while we are also prayerful for more to come.

Matt & Barbara Schvaneveldt
Forte Rocca (Strong Rock Church)

Matt is originally from Montana and Barbara from Milan. After they were married, they served in Trieste and planted the TRE church where our partners Elio & Nicoletta Vannelli now serve. In fact, Matt & Barbara were instrumental in leading Elio & Nicoletta to Jesus. The Lord has given them 3 wonderful children who are now teenagers. Both Matt & Barbara are professional educators. In 2020, Matt was burdened to return into more active ministry and accepted the call to a new church plant about an hour from Trieste in the city of Udine, Italy.

Dani & Xenia Taut
La Vite Chiesa Biblica (The Vine Bible Church)

Dani & Xenia have served with Serenissima Ministries over the last 6 years and planted The Vine Bible Church at the beginning of 2020 in the city of Conegliano about 30 minutes drive north of Venice.

Samuel & Dora Annobil
Speranza in Cristo (Hope in Christ Evangelical Church)

Samuel and Dora are originally from Ghana. After migrating to Italy many years ago, they first began the Bergamo Gospel Community and are now in the process of formalizing and strengthening the church there. Their new name is Chiesa Speranza in Cristo (Hope in Christ Church) and that reflects their intercultural ministry.

Franco & Priscille Tartari
La Quercia Chiesa Evangelica (The Oak Evangelical Church)
Azzano Decimo

Franco & Priscille have been with Serenissima Ministries since 2012 where they served in leadership and were then sent out in April of 2018 to begin the Oak Evangelical Church (La Quercia) on the east side of the province of Pordenone.

Robert & Sandy Krause
Serenissima Ministries

Rob and Sandy came to Italy in 1998 and began Serenissima Ministries & Bible Church in 1999. From there, the church has grown to plant other ministries and operate as a ministry and admin center for the Serenissima Ministry Groups.

Elio & Nicoletta Vannelli
TRE Chiesa Evangelica (TRE Evangelical Church)

Elio and Nicoletta are originally from the northeastern regions of Italy where God called them into His family and then into His ministry to serve full-time as a pastor and planter in the multi-national city of Triest in a ministry called TRe Evangelical Church.

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