Ministries across Europe are often under-equipped and under-resourced for the great task ahead of them. To make an impact on that dilemma, SMG eagerly serves our church plants by seeking to provide specialized assistance and resources which are not readily available or offered by other networks and organizations.

We have categorized all of our services into 5 special areas which we call "service streams". There is more information about our service streams below. By combining the years of experience and varieties of ministries in our group, we are able to custom-tailor the services we offer to best meet the present needs of our partners.

We also strive to be Kingdom-minded and collaborative with other networks so that the ministries in our group are best served through the strengths of what each network provides.

Services overview

5 Service Streams

First and foremost, SMG emphasizes enduring Gospel friendships. We believe that the Lord uniquely fits and places people together to accomplish His glorious purposes.

  • SMG has dedicated prayer teams & intercessors which are regularly covering our ministries in prayer.
  • SMG invests in recharge trips as a way of support for our leaders and planters
  • We also invest in specialized training trips for the growth and deepening of their teaching in context.
  • We celebrate victories together as well as support each other through hardships.

Because of our unique position established both in Europe and the USA, we provide a means of lower cost accounting and support.

  • By donating much of our accounting administration costs, more of our donor's money goes to the church plants & projects.
  • For USA donors, SMGI is a 501(c)3 charitable association allowing for tax deductions as permitted by law.
  • Our US accounting firm is Jitasa in Boise, ID and our European firm is The Rooms in Bologna, Italy
  • Other services include low-cost admin, donor support, customized giving portals, & financial support from Serenissima Ministries

SMG partners with the European Intercultural Church Planting (ICP EU) network to serve ministries in their care, outreach, and understanding of the diversity of cultures around them.

  • Helping host nation churches become more effective and welcoming to foreigners
  • Assisting with education, documentation, and integration of migrants and refugees
  • Opening LifeLab laboratories for life skill training in industry, culinary, & information technology resources
  • Mercies and assistance to the poor through housing, job placement, and much more.
  • Intercultural leadership development included in the DNA of the planting of new churches

SMG prepares materials, offers training, and invests resources with both the local cultures of our ministries and the level of need for each ministry in mind.

  • ministry training in how to open gospel communities and small groups in local church contexts
  • development of effective discipleship cultures and structures within a local context
  • practical training for opening LifeLabs laboratories which offer life skills and creative ideas for business-in-mission opportunities
  • Discipleship materials & resources for different languages and levels of understanding found in local contexts

SMG eagerly serves the ministries in our group through the means of consultation and counseling as crucial areas of support which churches regularly need.

  • Assisting the development of the philosophy of ministry and service approach to the various cities and contexts of our ministries.
  • Training with tools for effective cultural exegesis and insightful teaching
  • Navigating problems & difficulties together
  • Prioritizing the various stages of work for healthier ministry growth.
  • Profiling the city and identifying the greatest needs for ministry & service.
  • Leadership development

"We want to strengthen our people before we strengthen our brand."

"We're not a big and flashy network because we take our time to invest in the people, plants, and projects that God has given us. This approach allows us to keep relational care high and cost levels low so that people are strengthened and resources are strategically invested for long-term results..."
Robert Krause (President SMG-EU)

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Harvest Focused

SMG desires to keep a consistent emphasis on reaching people who come from all different nationalities with the Gospel. Through life skills development, accessible materials, and personal care we help people to know God and flourish in their lives.

Prayer Support

SMG recognizes that the direction and the fuel for all of our ministries comes through sustained intercession. We have deployed teams of intercessors to treat all of the requests of our partners.

Practical tools

SMG is regularly developing tools for discipleship, small groups, and leadership with the church family in mind. We work hard to make our resources accessible, Gospel-centered, inspirational, and relational.

Profiling Needs

Because of our rich friendships, we are able to quickly hear about and profile ministry needs for prayer and financial support.

Low Overhead

SMG invests resources where ministries and projects are. We donate much of the administration and additional network expenses to keep costs low for the ministries.

Service Oriented

From strategic planning to consultation to prayer and support, our ministry team is actively engaged in serving the needs of our ministers so they can effectively work in their cities and develop their innovative projects.

If you are interested in seeing if SMG would be a good fit for you and your ministry, please contact us here.
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