Refugee Ministries
September 11, 2020

A just-in-time Refugee work program

SMG has been given another new way to be able to help our refugee friends in Italy. One of our dear friends has had great difficulty in having his documents sorted and approved. In fact, he's experienced years of difficulty and we've had to hire an attorney to work on his behalf. Through a creative, new work program in collaboration with a local business, we have been able to sponsor our friend through the complex process. Our pastors have ministered to him, our administrators have submitted necessary documents, and our brothers in our churches have taught him Italian and taken him to his necessary appointments.

The reason this is a "just-in-time" opportunity was that our friend's case for document approval was under a third review in Rome and unlikely to be approved. Also, we have been praying and caring regularly for this friend through a number of difficult trials that he has faced. Meeting this need will likely run us more than 8K USD, but the goodness and love of God cost Him much more for us. You can help us sponsor our friend over the next 6 months and others by investing in them at and just select refugee ministries as the sub-account.

We are so grateful to God for shepherding us through this complex process for the benefit of a friend in great need.