September 23, 2020

Baptisms in Covid Times

Serenissima Bible Church & Ministries in northern Italy had the privilege to host a wonderful outdoor service at the tail-end of July. Planning for this service was complex as we were concerned more people would attend than what we had capacity for at the baptism location. Additionally, with the protocols for Covid-19 in place we had to set up different entrances & exits, seating arrangements, and register everyone there for traceability if there was an outbreak. The good news is that there was no outbreak, everyone cared for each other with distances & masks, the Word was shared, and these precious 8 people professed their faith in Christ in baptism.

In the picture you are seeing an intercultural group of people who were baptized. We had 4 new Italian believers, an American, a Kenyan, a Romanian, and a believer from the Mung people (near Laos & Cambodia). All of their stories of the work of God in their lives are bellissimi (meaning most beautiful in Italian). Each person is now in a small group community we call a "LifeTeam" as well as being in a weekly discipleship relationship where they can grow with other believers, too.