September 23, 2020

TRE opens in a new facility

TRE Evangelical Church in Trieste had been praying for a number of years for a new building where they could gather and worship. Their original place could be described as a hole-in-the-wall; not because it was a bad place but because it was too small for their needs and -- it was literally a hole-in-the-wall. Trieste is built on the side of a mountain which proceeds down into the Adriatic Sea below. The city itself is like an amphitheater surrounding the water. Tucked up into the middle of that amphitheater, TRE church was meeting in a small shop which was carved into the bedrock of the mountain. Their main walls were mountain rock. Along with parking and mold which would grow in the damp climate, the size and location were also obstacles for the church family.

So, SMG along with others joined with TRE in prayer for a new location. And then, Covid lockdowns began in February. Even though the lockdowns were lifted in May, the limited size of their meeting space was still insufficient. TRE was consigned to meet by dividing into smaller groups or to gather in open parks which was alright for the Summertime but worrisome for the arrival of Autumn and the Bora winds which batter Trieste when the seasons change.

After many requests and denials for different locations, a historic, Methodist Church property became available. In collaboration with the leaders of the small congregation which still meets there, TRE was able to reach an agreement to rent the hall for use on Sunday afternoons. By the end of the month of August, all of the details were arranged.

At the beginning of September, not only did they have a new and big enough place to meet, but they were able to meet together again for the first time since February.

What a pair of blessings! Not only that, but the church is right next to a McDonald's. We will let you decide whether that's a blessing or a curse. ;-)